All TROMMELBERG equipment is covered by a one year warranty.

Our after-sales service centers provide warranty repair aimed at restoring normal operation of TROMMELBERG equipment that has been purchased via an authorized supply channel and has broken down within the warranty period, provided that a malfunction has not occurred due to the customer’s fault and that the customer has observed the rules of transportation and storage.

Warranty repair includes delivery and replacement of spare parts as well as testing and debugging of faulty equipment. Just like in after-sales service, a qualified service engineer is available for on-site troubleshooting.

Warranty repair is provided on the following terms:


  • The customer observes the manufacturer’s operation instructions
  • The customer observes the rules of transportation, storage and commissioning
  • The customer observes maintenance intervals, uses original spare parts and consumables
  • The customer submits a warranty card and the original copy of the document proving the fact and date of purchase

As long as the warranty period lasts, all interventions into equipment design shall only be executed by certified personnel.


Warning! To avoid purchasing fake equipment that is illegally sold under the brand TROMMELBERG, please contact us our authorized distributors. See a complete list of authorized distributors on the page Distributors.


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