Brand History

TROMMELBERG was founded in 2003 in Germany as an engineering company aimed at designing and manufacturing general purpose body shop equipment.

Today TROMMELBERG is the name of a street in a small German town of Husum.

However, only a couple of centuries ago TROMMELBERG street was nothing but a small hill on the outskirts that was towering some few meters over the rest of the town.

TROMMELBERG is translated into English as Drum Hill.

In the far-away medieval times outlaws, thieves and robbers were dealt with in a harsh manner and severely punished. For instance, thieves got their fingers cut off, robbers had to forfeit their hands, liars got their tongues split.

Once a month or every three months all captured outlaws were gathered to be taken to the hill of TROMMELBERG where they were punished in public. That was meant to give a demonstrative example of what happens to those who break the law.

Hundreds and even thousands of people came to have a look at the event that was also a favorite time for farmers, butchers and bakers who couldn’t miss their chance to sell their goods. All of that looked like a spectacular street show. The mayor of the town called out an outlaw’s name, the crime they committed and the punishment they deserved. Then the executioner carried out the sentence without further ado.

Punishment used to be executed under the painful cries of the victims, and at some point it was decided to bring soldiers to beat the drums so as to keep the relaxed mood of the crowd untouched by the cries of those punished. The drumbeat was purposefully very loud so that people would not hear the cries. That is why the hill was named Drum Hill.

Despite a rather scary “secret of the name”, we were brave enough to give it to one of the world’s biggest companies manufacturing garage equipment and consumables.